I am a twenty-something from Amsterdam living in London. I have studied Mandarin (as you will discover I have a rather large obsession with China), am a certified nutritionist, have worked as a chef and am blogging my food journey.

I have been blessed with parents who absolutely LOVE to travel and they have taken my brother and myself around the world from a young age. This has ignited my passion for travelling and I have been so lucky to have travelled a great deal myself. Travel inspires, brings new experiences and has taught me so much about life, the world and most importantly myself.

Through travelling I have found my passions and as my love for travelling grew I ate my way through each and every country. I, much like an infant exploring the world through their mouths, explore and experience the world through food and it’s a delicious way to discover it! I simply can’t get enough of travelling and everything it brings with it and I am currently travelling the world for 18 months with my boyfriend of 4 years.

Here I will share my love for food through recipes, how to’s and tips on healthy, delicious food. I will document travel adventures, share tips and photographs I have captured along the way.